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Microbiologics Partners with Biomatrica to Provide Biological Stabilizers for Their Line of Molecular Standards

Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA (July 8, 2014) Microbiologics, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of ready-to-use biological controls and standards, has partnered with Biomatrica, Inc., a world leader in ambient temperature stabilization of biomaterials. Microbiologics has licensed Biomatrica’s DNAstable® and RNAstable® technology for use in their line of molecular controls for rapid diagnostic instruments and assays.

This partnership supports the advancement of molecular diagnostic development and quantity control testing by combining the two companies’ expertise in biomaterial development and preservation to create highly stable biological controls that may be globally delivered without cold-chain requirements. Microbiologics recently launched Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards which includes a series of synthetic RNA and DNA sequences to be used as amplification controls in clinical assays. Synthetic Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards are the first Microbiologics products to be stabilized using Biomatrica’s technology.

Microbiologics Vice President of Molecular Products and Services, Brian Beck, Ph.D., commented, “We are pleased to be working with Biomatrica as they have extensive experience in stabilizing and preserving nucleic acids for multiple applications.” Beck adds, “Our products are delivered to over 130 countries through a global distribution network. Incorporating Biomatrica DNA and RNA stabilizers in our molecular standards not only facilitates international shipping, it also increases the storage convenience and reliability of these products, which results in considerable cost-savings for our customers.”

Judy Muller-Cohn, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Biomatrica, stated, “Microbiologics is widely known for their extensive collection of microbiology quality control reference materials and we are excited to partner with them. Biomatrica’s best-in-class stabilization technologies will enhance Microbiologics’ line of molecular controls by allowing for ambient temperature shipping and storage.”

Brad Goskowicz, CEO of Microbiologics, said, “This partnership with Biomatrica strengthens our position as a global provider of the highest quality biomaterials for a safer healthier world.”

About Microbiologics, Inc.:

Microbiologics is the world’s leading provider of ready-to-use QC microorganisms molecular controls for assay development, instrument validation and routine quality control testing of diagnostic assays in clinical, pharmaceutical, food, water and educational industries. The company operates in accordance with an industry-leading quality system including certification to ISO 13485, ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 standards. Offering the largest and most diverse line of QC microorganisms, Microbiologics produces over 900 strains in a variety of user-friendly formats including qualitative, quantitative, Certified Reference Material, and Parasite Suspensions. Microbiologics has an expansive international distribution network and ships to over 130 countries around the world. The company is known for its exceptional Customer Service and knowledgeable Technical Support.

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● www.microbiologics.com

About Biomatrica, Inc.
Biomatrica provides innovative solutions for stabilizing biological samples and assays at ambient temperatures. Biomatrica's product range maintains the integrity of analytes from collection to detection in the diagnostics workflow. The company’s products have been adopted and validated by leading government forensic agencies, academic research institutions, global biobanks, molecular diagnostic companies, and laboratories.

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● www.biomatrica.com

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