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The California Battle against the Asian Citrus Psyllid

In California, tests are under way on at least 100 insects that can carry a deadly citrus bacterium that were found inside a FedEx package .

"The finding this week by a sniff dog in Sacramento is the latest bad news for the state's $1.6 billion citrus industry, which has seen the Asian citrus psyllid jump quarantines in San Diego and Imperial counties and move into Orange and Los Angeles counties on a march from Mexico.

Psyllids are a carrier of huanlongbing, a deadly bacteria that has devastated citrus industries across China, Brazil and Florida, where 200,000 acres of trees have died.

Joel Nelson, executive director of California Citrus Mutual, appealed to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for better border inspections, which once was the domain of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but has been transferred by Congress to Homeland Security. In July, a sniff dog in Fresno found a package of curry leaves with infected psyllids in a FedEx package from India that had eluded inspectors at its Los Angeles point of entry."

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