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Fluid Thioglycollate Media

Organisms grown in Fluid Thioglycollate Media w/out resazurin dye is a reducing media that uses sodium thioglycollate to chemically combine with dissolved oxygen to deplete the oxygen in the media. All organism except for Neisseria sicca were grown for 48 hours at 37 degrees C. Neisseria sicca is a slow grower and was grown for 72 hours at 37o C for best results. Note: Both N. sicca and C. butrycium were grow in supplemented Thioglycollate Media (Hemin, Vitamin K, and Calcium Carbonate Chip). A calcium chip is visible in the bottom of the supplemented tubes.
(A) Escherichia coli and (C) Staphylococcus aureus: both are Facultative Anaerobe, grows both aerobically and anerobically and growth is seen throughout the tube. Some are capable of growth respiring with oxygen and anaerobically by fermentation.
(B) Clostridium butrycium: Obligate Anaerobe: can not grow in the presence of oxygen, growth is seen approximatly 1/4 to 1/2 of the way from the top of the tube.
(D) Neisseria sicca: Microaerophile, requires oxygen but at concentrations below atmosphere, grows just below the surface of the media but not at the top.
(E) Pseudomonas aeroginosa: Obligate Aerobe: oxygen is required for growth and grows at the top of the tube only. The Organism will “settle” and sink into the media if grown longer than 24 hrs.

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