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ASM Press - New Edition of Infections of Leisure Now Available

Many leisure activities, however enjoyable they may be, expose us to a growing list of pathogenic microbes, some new and many increasingly resistant to current therapies. The latest edition of the ASM Press book Infections of Leisure, Fourth Edition continues to compile information on leisure-associated infections into one unique, user-friendly volume, with updated data and new chapters.

"Time away from work or school affords us the chance to travel, swim, sail, climb, camp, hike, garden and taste exotic foods. We continue to pamper our (sometimes unusual) pets and play increasingly challenging sports. However, all these activities expose us to an expanding list of pathogenic microbes, some of which are entirely new and others of which are increasingly resistant to current therapies," says Editor David Schlossberg of Temple University School of Medicine and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

The fourth edition of Infections of Leisure has been thoroughly updated with the latest infectious threats, treatments, and preventive measures. In addition, three new chapters have been added to help manage the risk of infection associated with air travel, petting zoos, and cruise ships.

Designed for ease of use, each chapter focuses on the infection risks associated with a particular type of leisure activity. At the end of each chapter, Practical Tips, a new feature, underscores the most critical steps needed to prevent and manage the infections discussed in the chapter.

"We hope this edition continues to provide a practical resource for this diverse, fascinating and challenging group of infectious diseases," says Schlossberg.

Infections of Leisure, Fourth Edition has a list price of $69.95 and can be purchased through ASM Press online at http://estore.asm.org or through other online retailers.

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