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Microbes in the Environment

Microbes are everywhere; they live in us and on us. They can't be seen with our naked eyes, thus we tent to neglect that they're there or even existed. Some microbes are harmful and some are not. However, we must learn to avoid contaminating sterile media and materials with these microbes. In this lab, we attempted to culture some microbes from the environment on nutrient agar (ingredient: Peptone, Beef extract, NaCl, Agar, Distilled water). As we can see, (14 days later) at least three different kinds of (supposed to be) fungus grew in each plates of agar. The top two pictures (top/bottom of the plate) are sample from only one spot; library restroom toilet seat which showed about 5 different kinds of fungus. Bottom left picture was from library study table; about 4 fungus. Bottom right picture (top corner) was from athlet armpit and (bottom corner) femal's nail. The two spots that were not presented with any fungus growth were the human palm and library books(not checked out often?). Are these what you expected?

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