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The Surprising Way Bacteria 'Talks' To Each Other

Amidst the myriad of political mechanisms, resistance is the most known. From grassroots picketing to national boycotts to a mass of millions congregating in a country's capital, the practice of protest is as old as civilization. Venturing into the resistance world brings an entirely unique experience, in which the participants not only have a different inner making, but they also speak a different language and work with one another to ensure that change is not only viable but, should it happen, sustainable.

In the world of infection, there is a similar type of resistance that has stymied researchers for decades. Antibiotic resistance, which is now rampant globally and portends the end of this weapon, continues to spread without any signs of cessation. At one time, this resistance was believed to be an individualistic feeling; when the situation was dire, their insides -- the genetics -- would change.

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