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Ebola Virus explained


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What to expect in 2014 - Nature takes a look at what is in store for science in the new year

Transgenic monkeys
Several research groups, including a team led by geneticist Erika Sasaki and stem-cell biologist Hideyuki Okano at Keio University in Tokyo, hope to create transgenic primates with immune-system deficiencies or brain disorders. This could raise ethical concerns, but might bring us closer to therapies that are relevant to humans (mice can be poor models for such disorders). The work will probably make use of a gene-editing method called CRISPR, which saw rapid take-up last year.

HIV Hope
In 2013, two research teams showed that ‘broadly neutralizing’ antibodies that target an array of HIV types quickly cleared an HIV-related virus in monkeys. The therapy will be tested in people who carry HIV, with results expected in the autumn. Meanwhile, last year’s curing of a baby born with the virus might lead to wider trials of the technique used: high doses of antiretroviral drugs given at birth.

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