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Pan-drug resistance and microbial genome

In recent century, because of excessive use and abuse of antibiotics both in community and hospitals gram negative and positive bacteria are adapted on to this hostile environment and many strains (Clones) are exhbiting resistance to multiple antibiotics (MDR). These strains are widely distributed in different geographical continents both in united state, Europe and Asia. Recently we have encountered with new clones of bacteria particularly, Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas, MRSA and Enterococci that are almost resistant to all available antibiotics (Pan-resistance). Emergence of Pan-resistance strains are reported in few hospitals and created huge burden in therapy with two or three drugs. They were also exhibit high degree of MIC value to different antibiotics particularly carbapenems. At present my research group are working in genome of such clones and possibility of existence of antibiotic resistant island (ARI) in bacteria.

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