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Ebola Virus explained


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Anatomy of the HIV Virus (video)

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CGSociety First prize winner AutoPACK Visualization Challenge. Christopher Harkins (Charkins) from Louisville, KY, USA wins the VIDEO First Prize for 'Anatomy of the HIV Virus'.

Artist comments:
“I am ecstatic and honored by placing first. I really thought that I wouldn't place first because a lot of those submissions were really well done, obviously a lot of hard work and creativity behind them. I do hope this animation has educational value and will be used for some purpose other than winning the prize.

I put in a great deal of effort on this challenge, more effort than I've ever put forth on a personal project. A lot of learning and flexing new muscles. I lost track of how many hours I put in, but much of the time was reworking and refining, a luxury I don't often get with most projects. I'm proud of this animation, I'm just so happy that it's being recognized! In the last days of the competition, it was stressful waiting on renders, hoping everything would come together on time, but overall it was a fun, rich experience. I'd love to do more medical animations in the future, a great blend of technical information and abstract illustrations.”

Judges' comments
"Nice. Educational and well shot!” - A. Ward
"A nice approach to a "Tour of HIV". The visuals are sumptuous and it succeeds in its goal to educate about virion structure." –D Goodsell
"... this "110%" effort you put in should really make a huge difference when scientists watch this and it can now become a valuable teaching piece. Outstanding job to fit in the addition of the HIV RNA with only one week to go, especially since you had to go out to Blender to get it all working. I love the lens zoom effect and the thorough exploration of this early version of the autoPACK HIV model." – G. Johnson (host)

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