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Plasmodium vivax is one of the human-infectious Plasmodium spp., transmitted by the female Anophele s mosquito. It is a major threat to health in Southeast Asia and South America, infecting a larger number of people than its more deadly cousin, Plasmodium falciparum.

Image: A fluorescent microscopy image (400x) of P. vivax infected placenta is shown. A formalin fixed 5 μm section of placental tissue was stained with a solution of Evans-blue 0.003% and DAPI. Fluorescence was acquired in the DAPI (nucleus in blue), GFP (erythrocyte membrane autofluorescence in green), and Alexa Fluor 546 (placental tissue and cytoplasm in red).

Credit: Cell Picture Show by Rodrigo Medeiros de Souza and Ricardo Ataíde, Universidade de São Paulo.

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