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TWiP 19 Letters

Brian writes:

Hi, Vincent and Dick,

Love your podcast, and did not drink from the streams in Switzerland, because of the cows at all altitudes, even though your Giardia-cast only came up upon my return. I've attached a picture (jpg) of the Swiss version of vertical farming. This is far from the most precipitous slope we found cows on, having only a 20 percent or so grade, but its the only one we took a picture of...When the angle gets over 50 degrees or so, it's mostly sheep and goats, but some cows even then. If the cow-tipping phenomenon ever got started over here, the cows would probably "tip" down a few thousand feet.


Matthew writes:


I just finished listening to Episode 17 and your note about the Israeli study showing that asymptomatic Giardiasis can result in higher growth rates in children than the control got me thinking. Forgive me if this is something that you have already covered, but couldn't a parasitic species (not necessarily Giardia in this case) eventually evolve into a symbiont and visa versa? Do we have any examples of this? Although we have bacterial symbionts in the gut tract, do humans carry any eukaryotic symbionts? Just curious.

Beyond that, I wanted to thank you for the free education that I've been getting through TWIP. As a layperson, I find it easy to follow along with your talks. The biology can be complex, there seems to be a great deal of intuition behind it as well.

Just for your own information, I found TWIP around episode 2 or 3 through I-Tunes. I was looking for a new science podcast and found TWIP pretty easily. I listen to each new TWIP while walking to from work and I've been trying to amuse my Facebook friends with anecdotes from podcast, (with mixed results). What can I say, living here in Washington D.C. it's wonderful to listen to a couple of guys talk humbly and rationally about things that they know and love. Anyway keep up the great work and best of luck.

Washington D.C.

P.S. My wife and I did a week in the Florida Keys this summer and I had Hogfish for the first time in my life. It was delicious!

Greg writes:

Dear Drs. Vincent Racaniello and Dick Despommier;

I am a student research assistant here at FGCU's virology research lab. I am hoping to get my degree and study clinical pathology and have recently begun listening to your TWiP podcast in addition to the TWiV podcasts. The question I have for you both relates to a comment made on TWiP that persons with Crohn's disease that become infected with Trichinella seem to get rid of the disease. Now, are there any mammalian viruses that can infect a parasite such as Trichinella while they are inside the host, and how do the mechanisms work that allow the immune system to adjust from auto-immune dysfunction of an IBD (such as Crohn's) to fighting an intracellular
parasite as the cure for that auto-immune disorder.

Florida Gulf Coast University

Reynard writes:


I have been listening to TWiP since the second episode and let me join the crowd of listeners who are similarly infected by your program and want more of it! If I had it my way TWiP would be a daily program. Your conversational style is didactic yet natural and I wish that many more scientists would follow your lead in their respective fields. What used to be a science of passing interest to me is now a source of frequent awe. I hope to return to University soon to study microbiology and TWiP helped to make that an easy choice. I thank you both for the time and effort to bring this show together. Keep up the great work!


Amy writes:

Hi doctors,

This break is too long.
I miss you guys!
Keep up the great episodes.
I love TWiV & TWiP!
Very interesting and very well presented. Your the best podcast I have ever had the pleasure to listen & learn.
Thanks again for all the work you do getting the Info to the public. I am so glad to hear that you really do enjoy putting together these podcast. Thanks again for feeding my brain.

Your fan and CA Vermiculturest AKA Microbe Farmer

Sophie writes:

Dear twiv and twip hosts - as usually I can't keep to one subject :)

I have a couple of questions and some answers for twip - leishmania.

First of all, Dick said that there was new and old world leishmania, but as i heard it, the "outbreak" in the US was imported from Europe, so is the Leishmania in the US of the old world strain. By the way - dogs with leishmania only get treated if they're symptomatic, as the medicine is quite hard on them.

There is something I don't really understand, it might just be me, but wouldn't it be better to have mosquitoes that vaccinates you against one thing and still can transmit the other, than having wild-type that doesn't do us any good - wouldn't there be ruffly the same amount of mosquitoes no matter what?

Jim writes:

For TWIP comment (link). Do you think this will be a very long lasting solution?

John writes:

Dear Dr's, Candidates, and Notable Notables,

Hello my name is John from Rhode Island. I'm a graduate student studying business with a background in economics. However, I find science, medicine and skepticism related podcasts to be the most interesting. I just wanted to comment that I found the podcasts, both TWIV and TWIP, to be very interesting. I think I first found TWIP through related podcasts from Dr. Crislip's Persiflager's Pusscast, another excellent podcaster. Anyway, congrats on the good shows, keep them coming and you do have non-scientifically trained listeners out there (but I suspect we're all science nerds anyway).




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