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Ebola Virus explained


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TWiV 18: Can a virus make you fat?

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Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dick Despommier and Alan Dovetwivlogo

Vincent, Dick, and Alan discuss adenovirus type 36 and obesity, new influenza antiviral drugs, viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus of fish, and Ebola virus in pigs and pig farmers in the Phillipines.

Nature paper and virology blog post on induction of adipogenic cascade by adenovirus.
New influenza antiviral drugs: Clinical Infectious Diseases review and post at virology blog.
Snow, insecurity hamper polio immunization in Afghanistan.
VHS virus could threaten Lake Champlain.
Tobacco mosaic virus is molecule of the month at the Protein Data Bank.
NY Times article and post at virology blog on Ebola in pig farmers.
“Bats prove to be rich reservoirs for emerging viruses”, Microbe Magazine.
Article on HIV resistance in African sex workers.

Science blog of the week: Rubor Dolor Calor Tumor
Science podcast pick of the week: Originz
Science book of the week: Biohazard by Ken Alibek

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