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Blogs by the American Society for Microbiology

Small Things Considered

The purpose of Small Things Considered is to share appreciation for the width and depth of the microbial activities on this planet. Moselio Schaechter and associate bloggers emphasize the unusual and the unexpected phenomena for which they have a special fascination.

Small Things Considered

Small Things Considered welcomes other microbiologists to answer queries, comment on their musings, write guest commentaries, and provide feedback.

The Blogger

Moselio Schaechter is an actively retired microbiologist, currently living in San Diego, California. He spent most of his research career working on growth physiology and bacterial cell organization. In 1985-86, he served as president of the ASM. Schaechter has a deep love of teaching, and has been told that his natural habitat is the other side of the lectern. He has authored several textbooks and co-edited treatises. He continues to write. After retirement, he has tried to satisfy his curiosity in broader microbiological phenomena, especially those related to ecology and symbiotic relationships. Schaechter's hobby is wild mushrooms. For a short account of his activities, visit his home page.



mBiosphere is a blog that brings you the latest news from American Society for Microbiology’s first online-only, open access journal, mBio™.  With the blog, we'll bring you highlights from articles published in the journal, along with interesting articles about the journal itself.  Subjects you'll read about here at mBiosphere might include:

  • Summaries of some of the most interesting articles in the journal,
  • Interviews with authors of mBio™ papers,
  • Descriptions of new features in mBio, and
  • mBio’s approach to open-access.

Our audience includes scientists and non-scientists alike, so we strive to get you the skinny on the best mBio™ articles without any more jargon or technical talk than is necessary. 

Like many blogs, the tone on mBiosphere is informal and direct.  We're also using other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to get the message out about the journal, but here on the blog we'll offer you a more in-depth look at the science, along with the opportunity to discuss and debate the topics you read about.  Blogs are all about participation, so review our simple rules for comments (below) and use the "comments" link at the bottom of any given post to join the discussion.  

The Blogger

mBio's Social Media Editor, Merry Buckley, Ph.D., contributes blog posts, Twitter updates, and Facebook content for the journal.  A scientist by training and a writer through practice, Merry has written about microbiology for print, online, podcast, and radio audiences. 



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