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Garth Hogan - Comments

For fridges
It's quiet bad. Government must have to introduce new safety guidelines for the health workers and also have to make sure that they are following it. a danby fridge not only can use for the kitchen us but also can be used for medical purposes too.
I am drug researcher, this is really a big discovery!
If you don't believe it could be all that vivid, try streaking it to a cellulose acetate membrane. Definitely BLOOD red.
I think this information was intended for travelers who reside in the United States. You are right garth, travelers to Africa have the greatest risk of both getting malaria and dying from their infection. The all travellers of different countries have a risk for infection.
How do I apply for permission to use this image in a textbook?
Samantha you are correct. I think the original author should have referenced a "bacterial lipopolysaccharide" not "an oral bacterium called lipopolysaccharide." The actual bacterium is Porphyromonas gingivalis as you pointed out. Thank you.
The oral bacterium is not called lipopolysaccharide. Later in the article, it is explained that the lipopolysaccharide is a component of Porphyromonas gingivalis, an oral bacterium. I just wanted to clarify that point for others that come to read the story.
Hi I'm doing a negative staining for human cytomegalovirus. As you know negative staining will not let me see much details of inside the particles. I would like to see the capsids, tegument, and envelop, as distinct as your image show here. What staining did you/author perform? May I know the protocols of how you stain the viral particles please? I couldn't find any source of references and literatures from here. I appreciate your help.
A new report finds that the rate of people dying of cancer in the United States is continuing its downward pattern. Some say the result is a payoff for the country's investment into medical science. Others stay hesitant. Source of article: advance loans with installment payments
This headline is terribly misleading; in fact it is completely wrong and I predicted such headlines would issue when I first saw the letter about gain of function research. The investigators are not at all trying to create a deadly version of H7N9 virus; they are trying to give the virus new properties so they can understand what changes might alter the virus to make it evade immunity, antiviral drugs, and so on. For more information see: http://www.virology.ws/2013/08/07/virologists-plan-influenza-h7n9-gain-of-function-experiments/
The PenFed Promise Visa is a scarcity among charge cards. How so? Try its no-fee structure, to begin with. If you or a member of your household is a part of the United States armed forces or affiliated group, you're permitted to join Pentagon Federal Credit Union and apply for the card. Article resource: Investigate https://personalmoneynetwork.com/.
It was very interesting. You do not know more details!??
bacteria is looking awsum :P
Impressive results of bio-prospecting. Aside antibiotics maybe research can be done on anesthesia agents as a wasp sting is paralysing :)
hi, I am the author of "All About Bacteria". Pleas read my response to the livemint review at http://ravionhealth.com/2013/03/31/review-of-all-about-bacteria-in-livemint/
Hi, I am an MBBS doctor from India,new to this site. I was wondering if the product is available for marketing in India? I am a technical consultant for small and medium business companies.Let me know if there is any potential business offer exclusive to India. my address is satishkumar_kanumuri@yahoo.com
Hi, I am an MBBS doctor from India,new to this site. I was wondering if the product is available for marketing in India? I am a technical consultant for small and medium business companies.Let me know if there is any potential business offer exclusive to India. my address is satishkumar_kanumuri@yahoo.com
Equally delighted and surprised to see this fantastic work from my old school friend Toby Jenkins appearing on Microbeworld the same day as my Peter Wildy address was reported... What are the chances?
Isn't Munch-Peterson one person? Not like two: Munch, Peterson...
Dutch researchers did *not* create 'an even more deadly strain of the virus in a laboratory'. They produced a strain of the H5N1 virus that transmits in the air among ferrets. This virus is much *less* deadly than the parental virus. Furthermore, Lipsitch is completely wrong in stating that 'If you make a strain that’s highly transmissible between humans, as the Dutch team did....." The Dutch team did *not* make a strain that can be transmitted among humans. Why is the H5N1 story filled with incorrect statements and wrong assumptions? It is our job as microbiologists to inform the public of what actually happened, and articles such as this one do a distinct disservice.
I heard about a researcher named Rongxiang Xu who's working on the same thing in China. Except I believe his research is based in situ.
Western medicine world hasn’t really regarded phage therapy valuable treatment option for bacterial infections since the advent of antibiotics.
Western medicine world hasn’t really regarded phage therapy valuable treatment option for bacterial infections since the advent of antibiotics.
very nice article
I love to read this kind of article regarding health issues. I would like to know what the difference between human is and animals when they are in state of disease. Some say that in social media agency has an information about the common diseases with humans and animals through social media marketing on the internet.
I love to read this kind of article regarding health issues. I would like to know what the difference between human is and animals when they are in state of disease. Some say that in social media agency has an information about the common diseases with humans and animals through social media marketing on the internet.
The biological world lost one of its greatest thinkers on 30 December 2012. In comparing the work of Woese to the other greats, think of the contributions that Einstein, Curie, Bohr, Tesla and yes, even Darwin have made to our understanding. To hear Woese talk of his discovery check out the video on Microbeworld Video entitled Solving the Puzzle. It will be 18 minutes well spent. , https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/microbeworld-video/id120703592?mt=2
food poisoning is very dangerous kind of sickness, and if one will not be immediately check by doctor then theirs high probably that the victim or patient will die. on the other hand, ladies should wear delano dress if they go to the doctor or hospital to accompany the victim or the patient
if only people or human being tried to take full use of brainwave program using entrainment cd then their would be no unnecessary mess that will happen. imagine that because of human being owns fault, our environment have suffered a lot. we are now into the stage where man-made bacteria fights man-made chemical mess
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This sentence should be noted at the end. "Micropharma funded the study and owns intellectual property rights for the formulation, which is expected to be on the U.S. market next year. redOrbit"
...and STNV...
Interesting tho!
You should make clear that this work was done with an MS2 bacteriophage, not polio
Very interesting article! We know that gut feelings hold information about the impact of our life upon us and they are the key to our feeling memories and patterns of intuitive experiences. Gut feelings reveal our unconscious information and often this information comes to our awareness before our conscious information. That is why a painting we create today may hold clues to what we will consciously learn about ourselves in the future and the bases for exploring art as therapy. It stands to reason that physicians would become aware of their unconscious accumulated information from past cases through their gut feelings long before the actually data for a conscious diagnosis. You may like to visit http://careerstorefront.angelfire.com to find out more about this book and the research behind it. To read an excerpt join us at: http://instinctualgutfeelings.blogspot.com
Rochelle, click on 'source' to view the entire article. I try to only post excerpts; the in-depth article is on scientificamerican.com.
um, that's the article...that's brief
is possible for you to send me some srtreptomyces at your convenience? thanks in advance. es
The headline should read 'that might be responsible'. As the authors themselves write, they haven't proven that these viruses cause IBD in snakes.
This is a good development.The earlier the AIDS vaccine is developed,the better for the world.
Whoa! Good find. Reminds us how intimate these parasitic interactions are. In the nudibranch Elysia viridis there are genes transferred from an algae into its genome so that it can utilize photosynthesis upon engulfing the algae. It is speculated that these genes enable this unbelievable adaptation to occur. Perhaps in this case, the transferred genes enable some of the parasitic relationships to evolve? Very cool!
There is no problem if the yoghurt starter culture outlive the discoverer.The important thing is that the desireable characteristics (such as flavour,colour ,taste) inherent in the starter culture is continuously maintained or possibly improved. This can possibly guarantee increased demand for the yoghurt.
Kevin, that's so great you found a passion for micro. I recently discovered my passion for micro too. Last semester I took Microbiology as a prereq for nursing school and a whole new world has opened up to me. I'm still going to complete nursing school but when I'm done I am going to take the life science and physical sciences I need as an undergrad before I apply to Grad school. I am interested in the U of Arkansas and plan to pursue a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology. Right now I have the privilege to be working on undergrad research in food microbiology and I just love it! Thus far in my studies, I am most interested in pathogenesis and immunology. Best of luck in your studies! Kelly
Should have known you'd have dug this one up years before I came across it today . . .
Hi Garth - I would really like to use the photo you posted with this article in a publication I'm developing. Do you know the source or how I might get permission to use it? Thanks, Shannon
That is so cool! I would love to work for a company that allowed for outside interests like these!
Garth, the H5N1 fatality rate is *not* 60% as you cite above. There is serological evidence that many individuals are infected with mild or no symptoms, which would bring the fatality rate below 1%. Please see http://www.virology.ws/2012/01/25/h5n1-facts-not-fear/ for more information on this. We need to stop citing this incorrect rate as it is driving the controversy over publication of H5N1 results.
I don't know if I like the word "trained", more like programmed. I wonder the level of mutation that they are getting.
No wonder - the majority of guys do not wash their hands (properly) after using the toilet (ASM News, October 2002, p.477) and the comments by F.D.A. Rosenberg (ASM News, January 2003, p. 1), V. G. Wilson (ASM News, April, 2003, p. 162), and F. A. Rosenberg (ASM News, July 2003, p. 319). And then pathogens are also found in soap dispensers (Microbe Volume 2, Number 8, 2007 p. 375)
A very good microscopy. This can be used as teaching aid.
A recent shock of cantaloupes tainted with listeria is just the latest event of impure food reaching consumers . Even more unsettling is the tiny fraction of imported food that really makes it to assessment by the FDA. With the rise of globalization, more and more imported food is making it to the nation's shores. Federal sources are vastly insufficient to deal with the need. Same topic is Only a part of imported foods is inspected by FDA
The original article, Suzuki  M,  Yamada K, Nagao M, Aoki E, Matsumoto M, Hirayama T, et al. Antimicrobial ointments and methicillin-­resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300. Emerg Infect Dis. 2011 Oct; [Epub ahead of print] DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.3201/eid1710.101365 makes no mention of flesh-eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis. The sensational title was apparently a remake by MSNBC, or conceived by author J. Brownstein (My Health News Daily). cited here as the "source". Although MRSA is associated with necrotizing fasciitis, and antibiotic resistance may well-contribute to its incidence, the term "flesh-eating bacteria" implying necrotizing fasciitis, refers more specifically to Group A Streptococcus (Streptococcus pyogenes). Also, all references beg the point, when should you use (or not use) triple antibiotic on a wound?
thank you very much Chris
Hi Mohammad, Yes, that is a perfect use of this image since the author licensed it under Creative Commons - Attribution + Noncommercial see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/. At MicrobeWorld we encourage people to license their content in this manner so it can be used for educational purposes without all the bureaucracy that often goes with seeking permissions.
i used this image in a post related to Clostridium sporogenes @ http://www.ba7ith.com/?p=2570 hope it is Ok and many thanks in advance
Thanks for the guidance, Kenneth! I've replaced the Miami story with the ScienceDaily one.
The current selected Source (ScienceDaily) is much more appropriate for MicrobeWorld News. To put this remark and my added comment in proper context, on Saturday, Aug 20, MicrobeWorld released this submission pointing to the Miami Herald as its Source. http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/08/19/2367221/study-finds-bacteria-from-dog.html
Regarding Garth Hogan's submission, "Study finds bacteria from dog feces in winter sky above Detroit", the article I am referred to with the same title is published in the Miami Herald posted online Aug 19, 2011. The Herald in turn cites publication in "Applied and Environmental Biology", which does not exist. The actual study, as found in AEM, is entitled "Sources of bacteria in outdoor air across cities in the midwestern United States" and it is published online ahead of print on July 29, 2011 (Appl. Environon. Microbiol. doi:10.1128/AEM.05498-11). The Herald states that Detroit samples were taken at 12 feet above ground, a long way from the "winter sky above Detroit", although the authors state that Detroit samples were taken at ~1.5 meters (about 5 feet), an even longer stretch to the winter sky.
This is indeed a challenge that must be faced and overcome. Further research is seriously needed to stop this bacteria resistance and especially this peculiar divisions and multiplications.
Lots of mosquito killer products have manufactured. While there are soe electric devices being used. Whatever you use to kill these dangerous insects, yet one thing is for sure, mosquitoes virus can lead to death. Denizens of large United States cities face a scourge called the Asian Tiger mosquito. The Wall Street Journal reports that species Aedes albopictus, which is recognized for its black-and-white striped physique, is as new to the U.S. as is it is “vicious” and hard to kill. Unlike most mosquitoes, the Asian Tiger attacks during the daytime. It also can spread dengue fever. Here is the proof: Urban bloodletting: Beware the Asian Tiger mosquito.
Is there an update on this? I searched around and couldn't find any additional information. I'm curious to know as how this is going. San Jose Dentist San Francisco Wedding Photographer
I will clear this up for everyone. This 1% issue, first of all is a theory. And it is 1% of people in the world. The theory is based off of people several 100 years ago who developed immunity to smallpox, but this has been happening all over the world for millions of years whenever there is a plague. A small amount of people survive. There is another theory that states that humans will evolve. therefore 1% of the human population more than likely have immunity to HIV or we could all become extinct. Since this has never happened in the history of mankind this THEORY proves true, but there is not a real way of proving it. Now that we have this case this theory proves to be even stronger. Where yahoo messed up in this article is by stating it was 1% of Caucasians that have immunity. Instead they should have done some good journalism and researched the facts
Make that TWiM #8!
See TWiM #9 - Live in NOLA - for more on this from Nicole Dubilier, who also works on the symbiosis between mouthless worms and bacteria.
Not everyone can afford to buy medicines. But what if your doctor gives you a lot of prescriptions? Some health professionals may be over-prescribing drugs to patients, according to a recent report in a medical journal. The report is showing up in the Archives of Internal Medicine, and a health care provider from one of the most elite hospitals in the nation is suggesting doctors think before reaching for the prescription pad. The additional prescriptions are probably costing much more in personal loans to consumers than is required.
Drug prescription problem is on the rise. The problem is not merely about prescription. American health care is apparently in a bit of mess currently. A recently introduced survey implies that some in the profession of medicine think their colleagues are over-prescribing drugs to their consumers. The healthcare journal Archives of Internal Medicine is posting a report, where some of the nation's top physicians admonish other doctors to not be too hasty in writing a prescription. The extra prescriptions are likely costing much more in personal loans to patients than is needed.
Now that it has been proven that XMRV is not the virus responsible for chronic fatigue,researchers will have to intensify their effort at discovering the actual cause of chronic fatigue.We cannot afford to be mislead anymore.
Many other viruses and bacteria have been implicated in Parkinson's disease There are listed at Link Text. Interestingly interferon gamma, a cytokine induced by many infections also kills substantia nigra neurones Link Text suggesting a common means whereby many infections could target these dopamine neurones, whose destruction leads to Parkinson's disease. These pathogens are common and of course do not produce Parkinson's disease in all cases of infection - Suseceptibility genes, which are often related to the immune system and to pathogen entry and defence pathways likely play a role in conditioning their effects.
This is why i quit playing beer pong at my fraternity house
My days of beer-pong are behind me (once you've gained Grand Yokozuna status, isn't just not that fun anymore) - but this makes me doubly glad I hung the spurs.
I have read several news regarding deadly superbugs. The bacteria can be transmitted from animals to humans. Headlines of superbugs are always scary. Some of the newest headlines make it sound like an absolute crisis is occurring in California. Hand washing can control the Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae bug. Regardless of the danger of the bug, not all hospitals are proving compliant with hand-washing protocols that would control it.
It's interesting how the Nubians came up with antibiotic beer. I never thought alcohol could be used in this particular manner.
I believe consumers will be very resistant to the idea of genetically modified probiotic bacteria. They may well have additional benefits that we can exploit but because probiotics are marketed as a health supplement, my feeling is that there will be a reluctance on the part of the consumer. Probiotic cheese, for instance, has met with some resistance. On the other hand, if someone is desperate enough with their symptoms then they just might overlook the modified aspect. Be interesting to see.
I understand why the media loves these types of ichy stories, but the reality is that they are far more negative than positive. First off this story suggests an incorrect message that folks that go shopping are at high risk of E. coli infection. That of course is nonsense. Assuming that the microbiology is accurate, where might these fecal coliforms come from. The likelihood that 72 % of shoppers have E.coli on their hands is zero. Probably the E. coli comes from the aforementioned babies in buggy chairs and this is easily addressed with a little hand alcohol and some regular buggy cleaning. So I am not so sure we should be celebrating or promoting these stories. Context is everything.
This is definitely not the first time that human genes are found in bacteria or vice versa: Trost et al have published two papers on this showing that ALL human proteins contain bacterial consensi,often of contiguous nonapeptides, and therefore genes (and therefore that bacteria contain human genes) Bacterial peptides are intensively present throughout the human proteome Self/Nonself Trost et al, 2010 and No human protein is exempt from bacterial motifs. Not even one Self Nonself Trost et al, 2010b
Please, kindly do more research to authenticate the fact that there is indeed a horizontal transfer of wholesale pathways in or among these fungi .This may proof to be a significant discovery.
This is a very good innovation. I hope this will not have a dis advantage of affecting the biodegradation of the paper especially in refuse dumps.
But did you see their heart-warming and heart-burning box of toys?? That is so cool. I'm ordering one! http://www.giantmicrobes.com/us/products/heart-warming.html
This isn't really a new technique... but I'm glad someone is paying attention! Colostrum is a great way to help a LOT of things...
Its great that all these new applications are coming out. Wonderful breakthroughs. I just hope people clean their phones as well to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.
Great discovery. This can be of help in extremely poor nations where access to modern diagnostic facilities may be scarce. I think more research is still needed to authenticate and prove that the rats can not transmit or spread this disease or other infections.
This actually reminds me more of a Napster of science than a wiki leaks of science because what's being distributed here is not secret, undisclosed research or communication, it's published research behind paywalls. The site by the way is http://scienceleaks.blogspot.com/.
Rachel, You make a good point about science fairs. They rely almost exclusively on donations of time and money and are a great way to encourage the next generation of scientists. The American Society for Microbiology recently participated in the USA Science & Engineering Festival, which was a big success. You can watch the MicrobeWorld Video episode of it online (Part One - http://www.microbeworld.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=811:usa-science-and-engineering-festival-part-1-mwv42&catid=36:microbeworld-video&Itemid=146, and Part Two - http://www.microbeworld.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=825:mwv-episode-43-usa-science-and-engineering-festival-part-2&catid=36:microbeworld-video&Itemid=146).
Rachel, You make a good point about science fairs. They rely almost exclusively on donations of time and money and are a great way to encourage the next generation of scientists. The American Society for Microbiology recently participated in the USA Science & Engineering Festival, which was a big success. You can watch the MicrobeWorld Video episode of it online (Part One, and Part Two).
This looks like an excellent lab. But what about motivating young scientists to participate in science fairs? The New York Times has reported that funding for local science fairs has declined greatly. Please help us increase the public’s awareness of the poor state of science fair funding by voting yes for more funding for science fairs and education. If you’re really keen to help, please leave a comment with your institution and city showing your support. http://www.americanbiotechnologist.com/blog/science-fairs-struggling-survive/
Keep up the the good work. Production of better and more diverse chocolates will be so much appreciated considering the fact that the demands and the consumption of chocolates cut accross borders globally.
have you ever tried to treat a person with chronic depression or cancer. with parasite medications mainly that used in causes of Massive Giardia infestation ?.
This answer only show Doctors in China can not solve the problem and give the right answer, Now thousands of people are sick and dying for this disease, they pain, they scare, they try to know the reason, microbe, retrovirus,mycoplasma viruses or other viruses. But they have got to give up for low medicine decide level. Thanks god, I know little English, and I can tell you our pain caused by this disease in English! Kind Doctors, Kind people, Please help us to find the unknown virus, we need the true reason, we want to see people in the world live in good health! If you can help us kindly please contact us. you can send email to me: leo152@sina.com! Or call me: +86-15251314913.
This answer only show Doctors in China can not solve the problem and give the right answer, Now thousands of people are sick and dying for this disease, they pain, they scare, they try to know the reason, microbe, retrovirus,mycoplasma viruses or other viruses. But they have got to give up for low medicine decide level. Thanks god, I know little English, and I can tell you our pain caused by this disease in English! Kind Doctors, Kind people, Please help us to find the unknown virus, we need the true reason, we want to see people in the world live in good health! If you can help us kindly please contact us. Here is our blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1689694581, it's in Chinese. Or you can send email to me: leo152@sina.com! Or call me: +86-15251314913.
This answer only show Doctors in China can not solve the problem and give the right answer, Now thousands of people are sick and dying for this disease, they pain, they scare, they try to know the reason, microbe, retrovirus,mycoplasma viruses or other viruses. But they have got to give up for low medicine decide level. Thanks god, I know little English, and I can tell you our pain caused by this disease in English! Kind Doctors, Kind people, Please help us to find the unknown virus, we need the true reason, we want to see people in the world live in good health! If you can help us kindly please contact us. Here is our blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1689694581, it's in Chinese. Or you can send email to me: leo152@sina.com! Or call me: +86-15251314913.
We are sick, and puzzled by mystery HIV-like disease, while we can quietly sure to tell you it's not a sick in our mind! we Fever, rash, blood, bowel, tongue white, lymph nodes, fatigue, night sweats, mouth ulcers, mouth rot, muscle pain, tinnitus, rhinitis, pharyngitis, red eyes, muscles jumping, ring joints, skin indentation and other symptoms, then the gradual emergence of weight loss, visceral pain, joint and bone deformation, subcutaneous nodules, skin thinning, skin ulcers, hand joints and heel ulceration and even organ failure and other symptoms. From the beginning to we die, lots of AIDS-LIKE-diseases in our body, while doctor said we are afraid of AIDS, AND AIDS testing show we are not AIDS. Only our sick bodies know that they are telling a lie! China's mystery HIV-like disease may be all in the mind; it's really a voice from our doctors and Government! While a doctor with smart thinking will not trust it’s psychological illnesses, for so many people are sick caused by this disease!
It's ture in china, who have ability to research please contact us: leo152@sina.com, waiting for your help! Than you , Thanks GOD!
Haha! For anyone that doesn't get that, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force_%28Star_Wars%29.
Haha! For anyone that doesn't get that, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force_%28Star_Wars%29.
I thought that force-sensing microbes were called midichlorians.
at the Royal Institution. Each was taken using the light emitted by the bioluminescent bacteria Photobacterium phosphorem. Artist Anne Brodie developed the technique and exhibition in collaboration with scientist Dr Simon Park and writer Dr Caterina Albano. The subjects are revealed in an unearthly, though completely natural, light.
This kind of headline is bigging up an everyday event. Currents flow all the time in many differing situations. The experiment here does not even correctly mimic the conditions undersea as far as temperature and pressure and ionic concentrarion, charge density and cspacitiance in the smoker walls etc. The bolt from the blue idea although attractive has to give way to electromagneto hydodynamical explanations now with electro including ionic dynamics. A huge starter charge is trying to replicate the compound building usually done in and arround stars, and then possibly safely transported to an early molten earth in buckyball containers,making the final configurations a matter of time and cooling and elrctro magnetic variation. As a process life would not be the first step but viruses and enzymes would, greatly simplifying the conformation building needed to create a reactive polymer. The electric charge we should be looking for is the charge transport in enzymes.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00833zn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPE2CnThito http://www.pombrain.com/Artificial_Life Some more links on the same theme
Ah the fractal nature of life. Prokaryotes within prokaryotes..
It is great that this is finally being acknowledged in the media. Since the North American Beekeeping Conference of Jan 2009 we (beekeepers who attended) have known all of this, and IT WORKS! They are leaving out a major factor to the 3 tier bee colapse and that is the parasite known as the varroa mite. The varroa mite which came from China 42 yrs ago via Mexico is stage 1 of CCD the parasite lives off of the honeybee (litterally) and through the wound that the varroa mite causes that vectors in the Nosema Ceranae (the fungus) and this fungus (stage 2) eats a hole in the gut of the bees and vectors in the viruses (stage 3). Take 1 & 2 and you don't have to worry about 3. What is unfortunate is that they did not acknowledge the lady scientist that discovered the Nosema Ceranae from the east coast Univ of Penn if I remember right. Also bees don't get lost they get worn out because of the 3 tier issues.
Maybe humans didn't evolve to eat grains.
This has shown again the tremendous potential of microbes, especially the bacteria as bioremediation agent. It has saved millions of Dollars that would have been used to purchase chemicals dispersants and other depollution agents.
Here's another take on this same story.
Bacteria replicate at an astonishing rate and at each replication there is surely a chance of polymorphisms and mutations in the "progeny" just from DNA typing errors. Their success relates to their abilty to adapt and change, so perhaps it is not too surprising that good guys can change to bad, (or vice versa).
Thanks for the kind words Suzanne! Editing comments is a good idea. We have a host of new features rolling out soon, unfortunately that's not one of them :( We'll keep it in mind for future updates. BTW, we have vastly improved tags if you haven't noticed.
It would be nice if we could edit comments..... Linkedin gives you 15 minutes or 20 minutes to make edits to your post on their groups pages. I meant to say: Where else can you get the most up-to-date collection of microbiology news all in one place? That's why I love this site.
Where else can you get the most collect collection of up-to-date microbiology news? I love this site- really well done with great content. Every microbiologist needs to bookmark it. Suzanne
Dear Prof. Cameasano and Team Sorry for rating the article as 1 It should be 5 Iam on cramberry for the last six months after having post prostat operation`s UTI. The bacteria ubfortunatly is pseudomonas. But I (feel) good control on the infection or at least much less recurrency. Being Prof/consultant in bacteriology we did some work on the (pilliation) of E.coli in relation to pH of the growth media. Do you think that cranberry juice might affect (also) pilli of other bacteria?
Just sayin'
Isn't this how the world almost ended in the Will Smith version of I Am Legend?
This article blew my mind!
Sounds very promising! But, injecting bacteria and inhaling them are two totally different things. I am sure the injected dose is logs higher than what would be inhaled, especially after a 5 minute walk. Also, the mice should generate a strong immune response to injected bacteria. What effect does that have, I wonder? Probably a big one.
This mystery HIV-like virus in China is certainly not all in the mind. It is also spreading to other countries. For more info, see here: new mystery HIV-like virus China
This sounds like a case where marketing and R&D were not on the same page. Wait...does North Face have an R&D?
Wow- first mouthwash and now baby wipes. Canada's been having a tough time lately. Those are two things that you wouldn't expect to need to test for microbial contamination.
Pseudomonas can live in pretty much anything, It's a little disconcerting that the manufacturer made contaminated mouthwash for three years before it was discovered.
Indeed, this is a good and unique discovery.It has the potential of solving problems associated with water-borne diseases.It may also be useful in bioremediation of polluted water.
Speaking of bush meat. Virologist Nathan Wolfe talks quite a bit about this subject at a recently live-streamed event MicrobeWorld filmed at Busboys & Poets in DC last month. Click here to watch the video.
Really interesting article, because it is very difficult to isolate DNA from microbes in clay soils. Maybe it's because some of them are dead. Probably not the spore-formers though.
The salt deposit building design image is amazing looking.
Who knew there was a black market for cheese?
A little infusion of salmonella, ensuing nausea, diarrhea and dehydration, problem solved!
Did you read the comments left below the LA Times article?
I wonder if this type of report is worded appropriately for the public. They already see scientists as "playing god". Creating three "terrifyingly virulent and powerful new strains" of flu will be difficult to communicate without causing alarm. It would be nice to see a sentence or two on how they were immediately destroyed or maybe how they were mutated so they cannot replicate. You get my meaning. In light of how scientific information on vaccines and autism has been mishandled with the public, I hope we are learning to be sensitive to how information is presented to non-scientists.
I take slight issue with the statement that bacteria love o2. These bacteria are aerobes and therefore use oxygen in energy production, but oxygen is inherently toxic and there are so many obligate anaerobes that can't detoxify oxygen and can't grow in the presence of oxygen.
"This study did not duplicate the rigorous scientific techniques used by WPI, the National Cancer Institute and the Cleveland Clinic, therefore it cannot be considered a replication study nor can the results claim to be anything other than a failure not just to detect XMRV, but also a failure to suggest meaningful results." http://www.wpinstitute.org/news/docs/WPI_Erlwein_010610.pdf
Very cool. Including Stanley Falkow there are three people in this first part who have also appeared on the Meet The Scientist podcast. Hear more about Jo Handelsman's work on episode 23 and Abigail Salyers on episode 33. Listen to episode 9 to hear and in-depth interview with Stanley Falkow. You can find all of these interviews and more on the Meet the Scientist homepage.
Wow I could have gone without knowing this. It's a bit puzzling because I'm assuming the way the coliform bacteria gets on the fountain is via hand transmission yet I don't see a reason why the part of the fountain that delivers the soda would ever be touched. I hope they start making the cleaning of fountain soda machines (at least a wipe down) a regular thing at fast food restaurants, 7 Elevens, etc. Ignorance can be such bliss. I don't imagine enjoying a soda fountain in quite the same way again.
Thanks Jonathan. I appreciate it when scientists publicly comment on news stories like this to help frame the information accurately and within context of the data. Try this link as the one above is broken to read Jonathan's blog post about it.
See http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/2010/01/plosone-paper-keywords-revealing-penis.html for a discussion of why the connection between this study and HIV is weak and see how the lead scientist of the study is working to get the press release changed to be more accurate
This Week in Virology #59 featured a discussion of the Argentine story with the authors, Gustavo Palacios and Mady Hornig. Check it out at http://www.twiv.tv/2009/11/22/twiv-59-dog-bites-virus/
Sorry this is off centered but that's the way the slide is.
Oh cool! I didn't know E. coli would grow that well on XLD, that stuff is nasty.
If anyone has seen the videos, please post them. I'd love to see this!
This is great! I love that they are considering a beneficial organism as there is so much focus on the "bad" bacteria that most people do not realize how important and beneficial bacteria are. I have encountered many people who do not even know that there are "good" bacteria and are shocked when I tell them that most bacteria are beneficial and essential to life both from a global perspective as well as for individual human beings.
What a wonderful idea. Unfortunately this article doesn't mention the proposed bacterium by name which is why I a. Giving this 3 stars. The cheese making microbe under consideration is Lactococcus lactis What would you propose would be your State's microbe?
A better article on this issue can be found at http://www.virology.ws/2009/11/24/the-d225g-change-in-2009-h1n1-influenza-virus-is-not-a-concern/. No one seems to be mentioning the fact that D225G also severely impairs transmission of H1N1 viruses in ferrets.
There it is. Nice and lancet shaped :)
LOL, the first sentence is the best!
This is definitely a fresh take on how to ensure food safety. Hopefully all of their tests and research pan out.
Echoing Jere Sanborn's comment (left on the articles originating page via link), you left out what matters most to me here, what can I do!? Changing to baths is not the solution so what can I do to protect myself better? A once a month bleach soak? Or this is coming via the water shooting into my face and therefore it will always really be present. If it is accumulating in the shower head then certainly a bleach soak would help a lot? That said, I agree that we, as humans, have good natural defenses and if I worried about all of these type articles I'd go insane. I guess this one connects with me because I recently wondered about this on my own and actually performed a bleach soak of my shower head. It looks like I'll just be working that same procedure into my normal bathroom cleaning regime.
Wow thats cool and nasty at the same time. but if there were more bacteria living in us then our own cells, then how much weight to the human body do they contribute I wonder?
This is a good article that outlines the difficulty of ensuring the food safety of ground beef.
most of these photos are circa 1985
Not only is there significant difference between strains but also in the host organisms (be they human or animal) that can also make it difficult to prove if a potentially probiotic organism is in fact health benefiting. Between the science being very behind in this area and the fear of bacteria/microbes/germs in the general public it can be very difficult working in this area as I do. Just try to explain to your mother that you are trying to incorporate bacteria originally isolated from fecal material into food for human consumption...
The process, which gradually overwhelms the second cell’s ability to defend itself from infection, is featured in this week’s edition of the science journal Nature Cell Biology.
Prostate cancer is expected to strike nearly 200,000 U.S. males this year, making it the second most common form of cancer, outside of skin cancers, among men.
He envisions a much larger expansion of the discipline, engineering cells to manufacture substances like biofuels.
This was because the pandemic virus spread faster than would be expected if there were widespread immunity to it, and because antibodies to the seasonal vaccine do not cross-react with it.
If your interested in learning why Public Health Officials are worried about Swine Flu I encourage you to explore flu simulation game that was s created by the head of Virology, Professor Ab Osterhaus and his colleagues at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands as part of an awareness campaign for H1N1. This game has it all. Microbiology, public policy and even goes so far as to explore the consequences of "throwing some money at the system". Enjoy, its addicting and what's more its accurate.
I liked this.
Unfortunately, the 'Palagi' handshake is also recognized in this culture and I've commonly seen it used as a greeting formality with outsiders.
This is a great idea! Never too early to teach kids these important concepts. I believe we should teach them about good bacteria as well. Perhaps if we educate the next generation we can avoid some of the hysteria and myths that crop up every time there is a public health risk.
This would definitely be welcome news. Any H1N1 flu experts care to explain why you would need two shots anyway? What's the challenge?
I downloaded this app for my iPhone to check it out. I have to say the web experience at HealthMap.org is much better. However, there is a message in the app's info section that they are struggling to meet higher than expected demand which has been resulting in slower performance. The information about outbreaks is sourced from a variety of trusted news outlets and international reporting groups. The fact that individuals can submit outbreaks is interesting as well, I am sure there is a vetting process for accuracy but there doesn't seem to be any related language in the submission disclaimer, other than HealthMap doesn't take responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in any submission - which is standard for end user submission sites/services. The best feature, in my opinion, is the apps push notifications by disease type and your geo-location. I signed up for West Nile Virus and the more general category "foodborne illness", and there are plenty more to choose from. Overall it's a fun app to check out, but I am not sure if I will use the app everyday - especially since it allows me to select the alerts I want.
The novel H1N1 flu strain, commonly known as swine flu, circling the globe has prompted people to take flu shots to protect themselves against seasonal flu. Flu shots are going to be in high demand this year, especially since this whole swine flu business began. Once again, the ability of the private market, through charity, has made it's ability to act quicker than government known again, as several companies are offering free flu shots, or a discount on them, to the uninsured and/or unemployed – Walgreens and CVS, the online pharmacy company, will be offering about $3 million worth of free shots. Rite Aid and Wal Mart are following suit. The shots offered will not counter the H1N1 virus. It's good to know someone is willing to offer free flu shots to those who otherwise would need instant cash loans to get one.
This Q microbe has been in the news over the past couple of years, but this article provides a nice overview on the economics and scalability of taking research from the lab to industry.
I believe we beat the Huff Post to the punch on this one . From July 15 http://microbeworld.org/index.php?option=com_jlibrary&view=article&id=894
Thanks Garth. We actually have a MicrobeWorld Video episode that addresses the risks of cheese and queso fresco definitely comes up in it. See the video here.
As someone who grew up with strep and still gets it every couple of years, I find this very interesting. And I can't say I'm with out my own OCD like behaviors...however I think most of us probably do. Interesting to see where this research will goes and if there truly is a correlation between these disorders and the bacteria that causes strep.
This is a good tip that I guarantee is almost overlooked by most people, including myself! It's especially timely because more stores are pushing these bags on consumers by placing them in site at checkstands as well eliminating the option for plastic bags. Other factors leading to an increase in use of these type bags are the push to become more green and a down economy. I think just as important as washing the bags is the tip to keep meats and produce separate from all other products and each other. I also worry that the process of having to fill up the sink with water to wash them (as suggested) could cancel out the "green" factor. It's hard to win when it comes to being green, trade-offs make it very difficult but it's still worth trying.
i personally, dont like to wear a lab coat , untill unless you really need it , tradition of wearing lab coat all the time in work , as a professional identity need a rethink, but lab coat has its use only at certain time of lab work , or other spillage involed procedures in lab or clinic .
Karen, I totally agree. My mother is a pediatrician and they had to remove the stuffed animals from her office for the very same reason. A little sad, but probably for the best.
Hmm, maybe the fact that my doctor doesn't wear one is why I am so ornery but still alive! This really is a very valid concern, the white lab coat gives the illusion of clean but they are certainly not sterile and could definitely get contaminated without it showing. Probably best to leave the lab coats in the labs.
This is really cool, I wonder if it would work on my phone!
I signed up for the Fossile Fuels Brewing Co. email list at their website plus they have a Facebook Fan page.
Oh how cool, microorganisms are amazing, to revive after 45 million years is incredible.
I think that is the brightest red I have ever seen.
I can't even imagine how much goat penis that is...
The quote from the lead researcher in this story is very intriguing and definitely makes me want to read the paper - ""Scientists have been studying E. coli genes for many, many years and we thought we knew pretty much all there was to know - we certainly didn't expect to find any more genes that are essential for survival! "Finding out that these genes are essential in E. coli and also appear in the genomes of other species tells us that they are very important indeed. In the case of one of the genes it is also found in the human genome, which makes it especially interesting. The mystery remains as to what they actually do, but whatever it is, it must be really crucial."
ewww...this article also has some other unsanitary highlights.
These organisms certainly look interesting and I think DOE is wise to research them more. Ocean microbes are a treasure trove of the unknown. Craig Venter's Sorcerer II sea voyage where he collected buckets of ocean water from around the globe is currently being analyzed using metagenomics. Who knows what this data may uncover.
This is a landmark discovery LOL!! "Everybody thinks that coffee causes bad breath," says Prof. Rosenberg, "and it's often true, because coffee, which has a dehydrating effect in the mouth, becomes potent when mixed with milk, and can ferment into smelly substances." But not always. "Contrary to our expectations, we found some components in coffee that actually inhibit bad breath," explains Prof. Rosenberg. The findings were presented last month to members of the International Society for Breath Odor Research in Germany by Yael Gov, a researcher in Prof. Rosenberg's laboratory. Apparently they still need to isolate the bacterial-inhibiting molecule.
I'm not sure I would take the naming of this mushroom after myself as a compliment LOL
You know you could have just cut and pasted the info from the doc into the text field of the site.
Not to mention when you stay home you don't inadvertently spread the bug to your coworkers!
The irony is pretty think here. Antimicrobial skincare products laden with disease-causing bacteria. It makes one wonder how effective these consumer products actually are.
I'd prefer to see the whole story here or at least a read more link at the end of the post that goes to the source (that's in addition to the source link above).
How old are all of these photos that you have been uploading?
This seems like some under reported news. I would expect someone caught smuggling vials of HIV and Ebola into the US would be labeled a terrorist right off the bat in this climate. There really isn't a lot of info to go off of in the article.
Are there any studies available on the effects of Tamiflu on pregnant women?
Nice title :P
Informative story. However, most interesting are the maps suggesting the potential path(s) that the virus has taken leaving Mexico. The maps are provocative and in the weeks to come we will see if the map model proves true. Must read for all students interested in the epi of this new virus.
Informative article by Laurie Garrett, author of the Coming Plague.
Looks like death toll in Mexico is now 103.
LOL The title of this makes it look like the Peanut Corporation of America is really called the "Salmonella Peanut Company""
I am curious as to whether there is a difference between cooked deserts and those that are not. i.e. desserts made from raw eggs or tap water, or even raw milk.
This is a great story and important as an example of social microbiology. Good find!
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