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Tasha - Comments

Yes, I just took a look and saw the comments. It does look different that what I saw in March. We have a lot of mushrooms out here on the west cost especially in the Redwoods. Some edible and some deadly so I would NEVER eat one unless I had an expert along. We do have a co called Monterey mushrooms, http://www.montereymushrooms.com/about-us/about-monterey-mushrooms/, and I bet if you sent them the photo they would be able to give you definate answer. Either way would not eat it.......
Tasha aka Sturm, have you seen the Facebook conversation about this? They are saying Laetiporus sulphureus or cincinnatus, aka "chicken of the woods"
Very cool! Thanks for posting.
A fungal cotaminant on MRS Agar after 15 days at refrigerated temperatures, means I lost my sample 'lactic acid bacteria' Ps: the picture is not clear
I would assume Bacillus as well. I am hoping to run a gram stain on some time next week.
Seems like a swarming Bacillus
This media is usually used to differentiate between Strep and Enterococcus but I believe Staphlococcus will grow as well since they are salt tolerant as well.
What other microbes can to grow in this medium?
just posted as ASM's pic of the day. thank you!
Correction: S. aureus is fine turbidity not flocculent. Flocculent would look more like flakes throughout the tube.....almost like a snow globe. Apologies.
Seems to be a glitch, the image did not come through on this post try: http://www.microbeworld.org/component/jlibrary/?view=article&id=12039
Thanks for the great pic!! It was just posted as ASM's pic of the day on our Facebook and Instagram account.
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