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Mark O. Martin - Comments

24th is my B'day and i used to spend both days with my family and same did this year too but this year was special for me becuase my better half planned something special.
Happy Luxmas 2015 to Mr Mark O. Martin
Nice work Mark. Love it.
I am also interested, please share your findings with us afterwards.
That's a real commitment!
Peggy, I quickly looked up "chuffed" to make certain it was a good thing. Glad you like it. Thank YOU for the image. I thought the tattoo artist did a good job. I still say we need to have this on the backs of lab coats...or leather jackets. Is a Microbial Gang a quorum? "Sons of Microbial Anarchy"?
I know I sort of designed it as a tattoo, but I'm rather chuffed with how well it translates to the real thing!
The funny part is that I didn't even know about it! I only heard about it via Twitter. Still nice. And I'll be more people read that bit from me than ANYTHING I have ever written before.
Congrats on BoingBoing! That's big in geek world.
Of course!
Mark, would you mind if we used one of the images from your blog post for ASM's Facebook photo of the day? We'll link back to your blog post.
You can also watch Solving the Puzzle on MicrobeWorld.
Dear Michael: You are absolutely right. I linked to "Solving the Puzzle" in my post; thanks for the iTunes link. The world is smaller and less interesting without Carl Woese. Appreciate the comment. -MM
The biological world lost one of its greatest thinkers on 30 December 2012. In comparing the work of Woese to the other greats, think of the contributions that Einstein, Curie, Bohr, Tesla and yes, even Darwin have made to our understanding. To hear Woese talk of his discovery check out the video on Microbeworld Video entitled Solving the Puzzle. It will be 18 minutes wells spent. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/microbeworld-video/id120703592?mt=2
Yes, more micro is a good thing! I recently took micro as a prereq. for nursing only to find I have a passion for microbes. I am now going to pursue a Ph.D. in Cell & Molecular Biology . I am currently starting my second semester in undergrad research in food microbiology. I will be writing my first scientific paper and preparing a poster for INBRE this Fall! All because I was exposed to micro early in my curriculum.

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