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Karen the Microblogologist - Comments

Oh cool! I didn't know E. coli would grow that well on XLD, that stuff is nasty.
I'm a not so recent graduate student in microbiology at ISU and I am going to have to side with Chris on this. Depending on the ingredients and conditions that pizza is stored under it could potentially become unsafe to eat and I would not be willing to risk my reputation on that one. I am not sure if your statement about being a microbiology undergrad means that you are a freshman or if it means you are a recent graduate but you really should be more careful throwing around advice, remember that with great education comes great responsibility. When I give food safety advice I tend to lean on the side of caution. I worked in the food industry for 4 years and our motto was the classic, "When in doubt throw it out." That said the Chef in this video goes to an extreme, most food microbiologists would never suggest throwing food out if it is properly stored after only one day. When I discuss microbiology with people I try to emphasize that most bacteria are harmless but at the same time give them tips and strategies on how they can protect themselves and their families from the ones that can cause illness. I always try and determine the situation that person and their family is in when I do this and balance the information I give people because I do not want them to be scared but safe and informed.
This is a great take on this very important issue. I think I am going to need to get a copy of that book and if it is as good as it seems from the video it'll be something I will recommend for all parents to read. And that little curly haired blond boy is totally adorable!
This is great! I love that they are considering a beneficial organism as there is so much focus on the "bad" bacteria that most people do not realize how important and beneficial bacteria are. I have encountered many people who do not even know that there are "good" bacteria and are shocked when I tell them that most bacteria are beneficial and essential to life both from a global perspective as well as for individual human beings.
I get almost that out of 250ml... I am known for pouring thin and my differential media works better when poured thin, which is good considering how expensive it is!
Best research equipment commercial EVER!
Very funny! Not quite how I would clean up a radioactive spill though ;)
Not only is there significant difference between strains but also in the host organisms (be they human or animal) that can also make it difficult to prove if a potentially probiotic organism is in fact health benefiting. Between the science being very behind in this area and the fear of bacteria/microbes/germs in the general public it can be very difficult working in this area as I do. Just try to explain to your mother that you are trying to incorporate bacteria originally isolated from fecal material into food for human consumption...
My dad brews his own beer, my mom isn't too happy about it, she would kill me if I told him about this!
It would be great to get a good effective as well as safe adjuvant approved in the US. If it costs less than the vaccine itself there is a chance it could lower the costs of the vaccinations it is in by lowering the amount needed per patient.
Dr. Pace came to Iowa State as a guest speaker in our Interdepartmental Microbiology Program seminar last year and presented his findings on this topic and others. One area they have also tested with similar findings is heated indoor swimming pools. The seminar ends around 5:00pm and I normally attend a water aerobics class at 5:30pm that day of the week and so wore my bathing suit on under my clothes so I could walk to the gym after seminar. I found it funny attending a seminar discussing how heated indoor pools and shower heads (particularly older ones), tend to harbor all those different species of Mycobacteria and then going to do a fitness class in a heated indoor pool and taking a shower in an old locker room with obviously old shower heads right after. He gave a very good seminar, I am glad he agreed to accept our invitation to come out here.
That is so cool! My little sister is an artist and sometimes makes me microbiology themed pieces, I love them and the concept of the worlds of art and microbiology/science coming together. Keep up the great work Luke, and thanks for sharing this Chris.
I definitely believe that the traditional media dropped the ball on this big time! The new media is a problem too but to me the traditional media is worse because it is supposed to be credible. While many people are misinformed by new media there is also some knowledge that the internet does contain misinformation. With traditional media they have a reputation of being a factual source of information and I believe more people trust what they see or read from that source. More and more traditional media is failing, they are biased, they sensationalize stories to get ratings, and sometimes they blatantly lie (re: memo about former President Bush's national guard service). And they wonder why they are failing? When the only thing you have over the new media is credibility and you lose that credibility you have nothing. I've made another comment on this site expressing concern over the crying wolf scenario. With each outbreak sensationalized and then turning out to not be the end of the world as we know it as the media spun it people get more and more desensitized. Influenza can be a very dangerous virus and we very well could see another exceptionally deadly strain form like the one in 1918. With things as they are we could see a much higher number of deaths because many people are not educated on how to protect themselves and may not realize the severity of the situation in time to get that education because they did not believe the media's crying wolf. Panic and fear may be great for ratings but they cause more harm than good in the real world.
Very well done, I will definitely be sending people this link. I really like the fact that he presented this information in a way that I feel people without a background in virology, immunology or related fields can understand it. He managed to express the importance of vaccination and disease prevention with the message that this virus is not something that people should panic over but rather keep an eye on and do what they can to prevent contracting and spreading it. I wish that this was the message sent from the beginning of this outbreak/pandemic, be concerned but don't panic. I fear now and am seeing evidence that the way the media handled this and caused so much panic over a virus that obviously has not been the killer they were saying it was has set a precedence with the public and they are no longer as likely to take news of future outbreaks as seriously as they should in a classic "boy who cried wolf" scenario. We need to be able to inform the public about potentially dangerous diseases but not cause panic that would cause way more harm than good. Personally I feel the way the media over-sensationalized this outbreak is criminal and they should be held accountable for it.
This is a great idea! Never too early to teach kids these important concepts. I believe we should teach them about good bacteria as well. Perhaps if we educate the next generation we can avoid some of the hysteria and myths that crop up every time there is a public health risk.
That is so cool! Definitely has potential for gaining insight into host-pathogen interactions.
Hmm, maybe the fact that my doctor doesn't wear one is why I am so ornery but still alive! This really is a very valid concern, the white lab coat gives the illusion of clean but they are certainly not sterile and could definitely get contaminated without it showing. Probably best to leave the lab coats in the labs.
This is really cool, I wonder if it would work on my phone!
Oh how cool, microorganisms are amazing, to revive after 45 million years is incredible.
A very interesting and promising potential treatment option! This is definitely a brilliant idea, taking something that is a problem for xenotransplantation and turning it into a solution for another health problem. I wonder if it could also be adapted for cancer treatment, find a unique marker on the cancerous cells to target. And a little reminder, the "mission accomplished" speech was taken out of context, it was not in reference to the war as a whole, it was addressed to the Navy personnel on that particular ship that had completed their mission.
Very interesting, one more reason to have a garden, fresh fruit and veggies and exposure to M. vaccae!
I can't even imagine how much goat penis that is...
It'll be interesting to find out what this goo is.
Yeah, I also got 12/12, guess all this education is paying off, haha!
If one were taking this seriously it is just awful, if they are watching it for laughs then it is somewhat funny. I gave it a 2 because it made me laugh and I got to tease a Canadian microbiologist over it.
Great food safety guidelines, hope people follow them and stay healthy and happy over the holiday and summer! I think it is funny that FSIS's robot is named Karen, hope it doesn't confuse too many of my friends, I am their version of "Ask Karen" =)
I find this hilarious but it does bring up a valid concern, especially for those of us who come into contact with small children, elderly and other potentially compromised people. Glad I don't have to worry about the beard thing as a female, and I rarely have my hair down, even outside the lab.
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