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Allan Robbins - Comments

I've enjoy listening to your your TWIP podcast. You are a wonderful story teller and though I have worked in this field a bit as well, I never fail to learn something. I listen in the car on Sticher. My kids think I'm weird but they like it too. In the episode today (1MAR12) on dracunculosis, you made the natural connection that we come across cylops both in the Malaria and the Guinea Worm programs, but in the Podcast you said a couple times that mosquito larvae eat the cyclops and I think you probably meant the converse. We add cyclops to family water jars in Cambodia, to eat the mosquito larvae. Anyway keep up the great work. You strike a nice balance of making the field more approachable, while keeping it interesting enough even for the grouches. Best regards, Allan Allan Robbins, DIH, MPH

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