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Suzanne Kennedy - Comments

But did you see their heart-warming and heart-burning box of toys?? That is so cool. I'm ordering one! http://www.giantmicrobes.com/us/products/heart-warming.html
It would be nice if we could edit comments..... Linkedin gives you 15 minutes or 20 minutes to make edits to your post on their groups pages. I meant to say: Where else can you get the most up-to-date collection of microbiology news all in one place? That's why I love this site.
Where else can you get the most collect collection of up-to-date microbiology news? I love this site- really well done with great content. Every microbiologist needs to bookmark it. Suzanne
Baahaahaaa.....very cute and very funny!! Good job!
Sounds very promising! But, injecting bacteria and inhaling them are two totally different things. I am sure the injected dose is logs higher than what would be inhaled, especially after a 5 minute walk. Also, the mice should generate a strong immune response to injected bacteria. What effect does that have, I wonder? Probably a big one.
This sounds like a case where marketing and R&D were not on the same page. Wait...does North Face have an R&D?
That explains a lot. My guy wonders why he's so popular with mosquitoes. I'd like to see a study with drinkers of Captain and Coke next.
Thanks Chris! Good tips before ASM. I'll summarize and link it to an article at MO BIO's blog too.
Wow- first mouthwash and now baby wipes. Canada's been having a tough time lately. Those are two things that you wouldn't expect to need to test for microbial contamination.
California could be the Cyanobacteria Synechococcus CC9311 , found in the coastal waters of the Pacific: Surf’s Up—And One Coastal Microbe Has Adapted http://bit.ly/9zUPXW
Pseudomonas can live in pretty much anything, It's a little disconcerting that the manufacturer made contaminated mouthwash for three years before it was discovered.
Enjoyable podcast. I met one of the postdocs who worked on the sushi project at the Gordon Research Conference last summer. It is a really interesting body of work!
No you don't :-) I really want people to discuss biofilm! I need a few 5 star ratings, while you're reading. Go ahead, make my day.
Anyone else have some tips for biofilm molecular biology work?
Really interesting article, because it is very difficult to isolate DNA from microbes in clay soils. Maybe it's because some of them are dead. Probably not the spore-formers though.
I love this photo Francine!! Thanks for sharing it.
Who knew there was a black market for cheese?
Did you read the comments left below the LA Times article?
I wonder if this type of report is worded appropriately for the public. They already see scientists as "playing god". Creating three "terrifyingly virulent and powerful new strains" of flu will be difficult to communicate without causing alarm. It would be nice to see a sentence or two on how they were immediately destroyed or maybe how they were mutated so they cannot replicate. You get my meaning. In light of how scientific information on vaccines and autism has been mishandled with the public, I hope we are learning to be sensitive to how information is presented to non-scientists.
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