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Akin Olagoke Ogunleye - Comments

Now that both Exophiala dermatitidis and E. phaeomuriformis has been confirmed to be opportunistic pathogens capable of causing dangerous infection in humans; effort should be geared towards eliminating them in dishwashers. This can be achieved by the development and use of chemotherapeutic agents that are particularly toxic to these pathogens. These chemotherapeutic agents can be included in formulations or as constituents of soap or detergents used in dishwashers and other washing machines likely prone to harbouring these pathogens.
Please ,can you really substantiate the fact that Helicobacter pylori actually protect us from allergies and asthma? I only know of its pathogenic ability to cause gastric ulcer in man.
This is a good development.The earlier the AIDS vaccine is developed,the better for the world.
There is no problem if the yoghurt starter culture outlive the discoverer.The important thing is that the desireable characteristics (such as flavour,colour ,taste) inherent in the starter culture is continuously maintained or possibly improved. This can possibly guarantee increased demand for the yoghurt.
A very good micrograph. C.difficile , a toxin producing microbe.
This an amazing discovery about E.coli. It also shows that the potentials of this minute creature are numerous and are yet to be fully tapped. Moreover, it shows that E.coli once believed to have only negative economic importance can also have positive economic importance. More research efforts will definitely confirm this.
A very good microscopy. This can be used as teaching aid.
Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most popular and notorious pathogens causing food borne diseases not only in the United States but also in other countries across the world. This scanning electron microscope image is showing a very good structure of the microbe.
This is indeed a challenge that must be faced and overcome. Further research is seriously needed to stop this bacteria resistance and especially this peculiar divisions and multiplications.
The most important thing is to produce or synthesize an appropriate antibiotic that can stop the activities of this dangerous microbe.I believe this is possible.
A very informative piece about E.coli 0157:H7 . The lethal tendencies of this microbe should be curbed or stopped immediately.Required and appropriate antibiotics should be synthesized or produced by researchers.This becomes imperative so as to avoid a pandemic of a monumental proportion globally.
Now that it has been proven that XMRV is not the virus responsible for chronic fatigue,researchers will have to intensify their effort at discovering the actual cause of chronic fatigue.We cannot afford to be mislead anymore.
This has again expose the versatility of Escherichia coli. Its ability to extract the toxic pesticides, parathion and methyl parathion from the polluted air is of a positive economic importance.
Examining enterococcal isolates at the species level using new rapid surveillance methods is commendable. However,their resistance to many and sometimes all standard therapies is of serious concern. Therefore,serious effort should be made by researchers to tackle this issue of enterococcal resistance globally. This becomes imperative so as to reduce or totally eradicate all infections associated with Enterococcus sp bacteria.
Kudos to you,Dr Ian Singleton for this discovery and also for the recommendations highlighted. For now, i strongly feel ( or suggest) that the usage of ozone for preservation of fruits and vegetables should be restricted possibly for industrial or commercial purposes only. This is because the local farmers may not be able to administer it in the required concentrations ;unlike in the industries where effective monitoring could be done by the quality-control personnels.Effort should also be made to ensure or confirm that ozone does not have any adverse effect on the genetic make-up and the nutritive values of these fruits and vegetables.
This is indeed a great discovery. The usefulness of a virophage can not be overemphasized.It can be of tremendous use in curbing the menace of viral pathogenic diseases in both plant and animals throughout the world.More research is still needed by marine microbiologists or virologists to identify and possibly characterize as many virophages as possible. Their physiology ,biochemistry and metabolism should also be researched into.
Please, kindly do more research to authenticate the fact that there is indeed a horizontal transfer of wholesale pathways in or among these fungi .This may proof to be a significant discovery.
This is a very good innovation. I hope this will not have a dis advantage of affecting the biodegradation of the paper especially in refuse dumps.
This is incredible. I wonder if this procedure will not be irritating to most people. Anyway , my suggestion is that the procedure should be subjected to serious peer-review . Also, care should be taken to avoid indiscriminate use of this procedure, especially in the less developed world. Until probably the World Health Organisation ( W H O) comes out with a blueprint or statement validating the use of this procedure ,serious caution should be exercised.
Great discovery. This can be of help in extremely poor nations where access to modern diagnostic facilities may be scarce. I think more research is still needed to authenticate and prove that the rats can not transmit or spread this disease or other infections.
Keep up the the good work. Production of better and more diverse chocolates will be so much appreciated considering the fact that the demands and the consumption of chocolates cut accross borders globally.
This has shown again the tremendous potential of microbes, especially the bacteria as bioremediation agent. It has saved millions of Dollars that would have been used to purchase chemicals dispersants and other depollution agents.
Indeed, this is a good and unique discovery.It has the potential of solving problems associated with water-borne diseases.It may also be useful in bioremediation of polluted water.
This discovery can be of tremendous use in the bioremediation of oil spillages . It should be given a wider dissemination.
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