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Progress Made in Developing Methamphetamine Vaccine

Researchers report promising advances in the lab toward the development of a vaccine to treat methamphetamine addiction.

Although the abuse of “speed” or methamphetamines is under the radar screen for many, the costs associated with the addiction are astronomical exceeding $23 billion annuall... Read More

Monkey Vaccine Has Promise For Eventual Human HIV Vaccine

A vaccine has been developed that protects non-human primates (monkeys) from SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus), the monkey equivalent of HIV. Researchers reported in the journal Nature that this breakthrough could eventually lead to a vaccine for humans, protecting them from HIV.

Louis Pick... Read More

Exposing ZnO nanorods to visible light removes microbes

The practical use of visible light and zinc oxide nanorods for destroying bacterial water contamination has been successfully demonstrated by researchers at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Nanorods grown on glass substrates and activated by solar energy have been found to be effecti... Read More

El podcast del Microbio Nº208: ¿Cuántas g's puede aguantar un ser vivo? (Corrected)

Due to blogger problems, I reloaded this entry. El podcast del Microbio Nº208 is about the experiments done by Deguchi on M... Read More

*Note to the reader: summertime is bedbug season. Cue that skin-crawling feeling . . . now

Working in urgent care medicine, I freq. come across patients who complain of "spider bites", "ant bites", or "tick bites" that inevitably turn out to be MRSA infections. Perhaps though those poor souls are onto something - or maybe they just overnighted in a low-rent fleabag motel on their lat... Read More

New test opens the door to routine testing for prion diseases

A study in mBio this week describes a new test for detecting prions in blood and blood products that could enable doctors to detect prion diseases in patients before they become symptomatic. It could also help put healthy individuals back in those Red Cross blood donation buses.

The techniqu... Read More

El podcast del Microbio Nº207: Enfermedad de Lou Gehrig y endo-retrovirus

El podcast del Microbio Nº207 summarize Vincent Racaniello's post on the relationship between retroviruses and amyotrophic ... Read More

H1N1 Radiographically Distinct From Typical Influenza

The H1N1 virus appears to be novel, commonly presenting with bilateral interstitial infiltrates and consolidations involving 3 or more lung zones. Secondary findings of pneumothorax, pleural effusions, and abscesses are relatively uncommon, according to the findings of a new study.

Scott Fuji... Read More

Sex and the Single Cell: Biologists Take a Fresh Look at 'Asexual' Amoebas

Studying blobby asexual amoebas could absolve biology of its animal bias when it comes to uncovering the mysteries of sex

Much of what we know about sex, or think we know, stems from the animal kingdom. No surprise there—we're animals and the nuances of the genetic tango are easier to study i... Read More

Foot And Mouth Disease May Spread Through Shedding Skin Cells

Skin cells shed from livestock infected with foot and mouth disease could very well spread the disease.

In a new paper appearing in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Michael Dillon proposed that virus-infected skin cells could be a sourc... Read More

Salmonella hits US teaching labs

Wave of infections triggers investigation into biosafety practices.

A spate of lab-associated Salmonella infections has swept across the United States during the past year, prompting public-health officials to examine how closely labs are following infection-prevention protocols.

"The fact... Read More

How microbes take out the trash

The molecular machinery bacteria use to rid themselves of toxic substances including antimicrobial drugs has been studied in detail by a UA-led team of researchers. A better understanding of these mechanisms could lead to new weapons in the fight against pathogens.

Microbes have colonized vi... Read More

Panel concludes UN personnel likely introduced cholera to Haiti #genomics

A blog post from the Microbiology of Built Environments Network discussing UN report on Cholera outbreak in Haiti. Read More

Yes, Virginia, your soap and dispenser are not actually clean #shocking #microBEnet

A blog post from the Microbiology of Built Environments Network discussing new study of microbes in soap dispensers. Read More

Compiling a list of reporters who cover #microbiology stories well; suggestions wanted

I am attempting to compile a list of reporters who do a good job covering microbiology related topics. I have compiled a partial list and am soliciting additional suggestions. Read More

Beneficial Bacteria Help Repair Intestinal Injury by Inducing Reactive Oxygen Species

The gut may need bacteria to provide a little bit of oxidative stress to stay healthy, new research suggests.

Probiotic bacteria promote healing of the intestinal lining in mice by inducing the production of reactive oxygen species, researchers at Emory University School of Medicine have show... Read More

The future of a holistic malaria prevention treatment

Despite evidence that housing plays an important role in the eradication of malaria, it is often overlooked.

As World Malaria Day gets closer each year, organizations release an increasing number of reports on the progress achieved and what needs to be done to eliminate the disease. Despite v... Read More

Cameroon: Mosquito-proof Housing As Malaria Transmission Antidote

or several years, bednets and insecticide spraying have served as priority weapons in the fight against malaria transmission across Africa. However, the defiant vampire vectors and malaria parasites in their mad quests for survival have regularly altered tactics, formulating resistance to insec... Read More

El podcast del Microbio Nº 206. Estromatolitos antárticos

El podcast del Microbio Nº206 is dedicated to the recent discovery of stromatolites in deep of Antartic lake Untersee. El p... Read More

Staphylococcus Aureus Investigational Vaccine Elicits A Positive Immune Response In Phase 1 Study

Inhibitex, Inc. (Nasdaq: INHX), announced today that Pfizer Inc. presented safety and immunogenicity data from a Phase 1 double-blind randomized placebo controlled study in 408 healthy volunteers of a novel three antigen Staphylococcus aureus investigational vaccine (SA3Ag) at the 21st European ... Read More
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