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El podcast del Microbio Nº209. El error del escribano (The scribe's mistake)

El podcast del Microbio Nº209 is about the mistakes done by Craig Venter in the quotes inserted in the artificial genome o... Read More

Why we need to start unraveling the Teleome

Here's an interesting and somewhat amusing blog post that was published on Forbes that attempts to make a case for funding the teleome, "the ultimate catalog of an animal’s what-it-does-es."


"Imagine that you find some mysterious device under your bed. What’s your next thought? I... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 39 - Evolving Efficient Enzymes

This episode: A bacteria-virus system for developing useful enzymes!

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Read More

Bite the birds

Mosquitoes, which carry malaria parasites, like the warm and wet conditions that are expected to become more common with climate change. This has led many to reason that malarial infections will increase. Yet studies run into the unreliability of modelling future climatic effects and sometimes i... Read More

Scientists find MRSA germ in supermarket meats

MRSA, a bacteria resistant to common antibiotics, has been discovered in supermarket meats, and the germ is apparently being introduced by human food handlers, a new study reports.

Although thorough cooking will kill the bacteria, consumers run the risk of infection if they handle meats conta... Read More

Bacterium that nips malaria in the bud 'identified'

Scientists claim to have identified a bacterium which nips malaria in the bud by stopping the development of Plasmodium falciparum parasite that causes the disease in humans.

...A team at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has found that the Enterobacter bacterium is part of... Read More

Study finds pigs susceptible to virulent ebolavirus can transmit the virus to other animals

Canadian investigators have shown that a species of ebolavirus from Zaire that is highly virulent in humans can replicate in pigs, cause disease, and be transmitted to animals previously unexposed to the virus. The findings are published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases and are now availabl... Read More

When Microbial Conversations Get Physical

"In a recent Opinion piece in Trends in Microbiology, Gemma Reguera invites us to think outside the box. The box in question harbors the notion that communication between microbes is chemical, and only chemical. Here, the author cuts through the confines of this perspective to point out that mic... Read More

Flying Foxes to Humans: no thank you Sirs, we would not like another

Once again proof positive of a narrative we've been perfecting since the first knuckle-dragging caveperson clonked some lesser species in the head w/ a fire-hardened tree branch: man meets animal, man negatively effects that animals existence, man goes on merry way.
Now though, the animals have... Read More

Mundo de los Microbios - Episodio 86

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El Dr. Jose Carlos Rodrigues es originario de Brasil y actualmente se desempeña como profesor e investigador de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Mayaguez. Su campo de acción es la... Read More

Malaria Mosquitoes Follow Foot Smells

Mosquitoes behind malaria follow carbon dioxide exhalations until they're close enough to sniff out our feet, a strategy that researchers hope to exploit to stop them.

African Anopheles mosquitoes find us by our carbon dioxide–rich exhalation. But when they get close they turn away from our h... Read More

Sugar Boosters Could Lead To Cheap, Effective Treatments For Chronic Bacterial Infections

James Collins, a pioneering researcher in the new field of systems biology and a MacArthur Genius, says: "You know the old saying: 'a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down?' This is more like 'a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine work.'

Dr. Collins, a professor of Biomedical Engineer... Read More

Dengue Fever Cases Double Among UK Travellers

Reports of dengue fever, a mosquito-borne infection, have more than doubled in UK travellers from 166 reported cases in 2009 to 406 in 2010, according to new figures from the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Dengue fever does not occur in the UK and the highest proportion of cases were associ... Read More

The evolutionary tree of fungi grows a new branch

When a research team started analysing the genetics of micro-organisms from their university pond, they might have expected to find a couple of new species. Instead, they discovered a group of fungi that could double the size of that biological kingdom1.

Thomas Richards, an evolutionary genet... Read More

Progress Made in Developing Methamphetamine Vaccine

Researchers report promising advances in the lab toward the development of a vaccine to treat methamphetamine addiction.

Although the abuse of “speed” or methamphetamines is under the radar screen for many, the costs associated with the addiction are astronomical exceeding $23 billion annuall... Read More

Monkey Vaccine Has Promise For Eventual Human HIV Vaccine

A vaccine has been developed that protects non-human primates (monkeys) from SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus), the monkey equivalent of HIV. Researchers reported in the journal Nature that this breakthrough could eventually lead to a vaccine for humans, protecting them from HIV.

Louis Pick... Read More

Exposing ZnO nanorods to visible light removes microbes

The practical use of visible light and zinc oxide nanorods for destroying bacterial water contamination has been successfully demonstrated by researchers at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Nanorods grown on glass substrates and activated by solar energy have been found to be effecti... Read More

El podcast del Microbio Nº208: ¿Cuántas g's puede aguantar un ser vivo? (Corrected)

Due to blogger problems, I reloaded this entry. El podcast del Microbio Nº208 is about the experiments done by Deguchi on M... Read More

*Note to the reader: summertime is bedbug season. Cue that skin-crawling feeling . . . now

Working in urgent care medicine, I freq. come across patients who complain of "spider bites", "ant bites", or "tick bites" that inevitably turn out to be MRSA infections. Perhaps though those poor souls are onto something - or maybe they just overnighted in a low-rent fleabag motel on their lat... Read More

New test opens the door to routine testing for prion diseases

A study in mBio this week describes a new test for detecting prions in blood and blood products that could enable doctors to detect prion diseases in patients before they become symptomatic. It could also help put healthy individuals back in those Red Cross blood donation buses.

The techniqu... Read More
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