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Researcher uses living cells to create 'biotic' video games (video)

Video game designers are always striving to make games more lifelike, but they'll have a hard time topping what Stanford researcher Ingmar Riedel-Kruse is up to. He's introducing life itself into games.

Riedel-Kruse and his lab group have developed the first video games in which a player's ac... Read More

Virus Might Fight Brain Tumors Better If Armed With Bacterial Enzyme, Study Shows

New research shows that oncolytic viruses, which are engineered to destroy cancer cells, might be more effective in treating deadly brain tumors if equipped with an enzyme that helps them penetrate the tumor.

The enzyme is derived from the intestinal bacteria called Proteus vulgaris. The enzy... Read More

BacterioFiles Micro Edition 26 - Solubilizing Sunken Steel

This episode: A profile of microbes that are breaking down the Titanic!

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Read More

Iron-eating superbug is devouring Titanic wreck

Scientists said the wreck of the Titanic, the giant ocean liner that sank nearly 100 years ago, is being devoured by an iron-eating superbug and could disappear in 20 years.

The bacteria, which has been named Halmonas Titanicae, has been greedily feasting on the ship, which sank in the Atlant... Read More

Mystery Disease Found in Pacific Salmon

Traces of viral activity have been found in a mysteriously dwindling population of Pacific salmon, hinting at an explanation for deaths that have so far baffled scientists.

In fish returning to Canada’s Fraser River, site of the die-off and home to one of North America’s last great sockeye sa... Read More

Multiplicity of infection

Multiplicity of infection (MOI) is a frequently used term in virology which refers to the number of virions that are added per cell during infection. If one million virions are added to one million cells, the MOI is one. If ten million virions are added, the MOI is ten. Add 100,000 virions, and ... Read More

New Genetically Modified Chickens Can't Transmit Bird Flu, Scientists Say

Future chicken cutlets may come from birds that have been genetically modified to resist bird flu, after a breakthrough in Britain announced this week. Researchers have produced chickens that cannot spread avian flu to other chickens, a major step toward protecting birds — and humans — from the ... Read More

Scientists Sequence Gut Microbes of Premature Infant

Scientists have for the first time sequenced and reconstructed the genomes of most of the microbes in the gut of a premature newborn and documented how the microbe populations changed over time.

Further studies involving more infants could eventually help researchers understand the causes of ... Read More

Whole genome sequence of Borrelia burgdorferi...

Human Lyme disease is caused by a number of related Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato species. We report here the complete genome sequence of Borrelia sp. isolate SV1 from Finland. Read More

Mundo de los Microbios - Episodio 75

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A continuación: Un estudio sobre las tacitas de bebé, las áreas higienizadas de la NASA, y los científicos investigan sobre la adicción al chocolate.

Un estudio sobre las tacitas d... Read More

Microbes in Our Gut Regulate Genes That Control Obesity and Inflammation

If you are looking to lose weight in the coming year, you may need help from an unexpected place: the bacteria in your gut. That's because scientists have discovered that the bacteria living in your intestines may play a far more significant role in weight loss and gastrointestinal problems than... Read More

MOSAR - Combating antimicrobial resistance of bacteria in hospitals

MOSAR aims to significantly advance our knowledge regarding the control of antimicrobial resistance of bacteria responsible for major and emerging nosocomial diseases in hospitals, which are now spreading into communities. MOSAR will examine the factors determining the dynamics of spread of AMRB... Read More

Acne Bug Could Be The Cause Of Your Infections

Previously, researchers thought the detection of P. acnes at the site of these infections was due to contamination from the skin.

For example, an infection at a site within the body after surgery, could have been caused by bacteria transferred to an open wound from the skin during an operati... Read More

Spread of Deadly Virus Tied to Forest Decline

Around 2004, large numbers of aspens in the West began dying off, and with no immediately identifiable cause, scientists dubbed the phenomenon “sudden aspen decline.” Ultimately, the die-back was pinned on a severe 2002 drought and heat wave that left aspen stands vulnerable to pests, cankers an... Read More

Neogen's Rapid Test For Salmonella Enteritidis Receives FDA Approval

Neogen Corporation (Nasdaq: NEOG) announced that its rapid test for Salmonella enteritidis (SE) has been determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be equivalent to the FDA's traditional testing method in accuracy, precision, and sensitivity for detecting SE.

The FDA's deter... Read More

Drug-resistant malaria could spread fast, expert warns

Drug-resistant malaria could spread from southeast Asia to Africa within months, putting millions of children's lives at risk, a leading expert warned on Wednesday.

Nicholas White, professor of tropical medicine at Mahidol University in Bangkok, called for a war before it is too late on the m... Read More

The Oldest Living Thing on Earth? 500,000-Year-Old Bacteria (video)

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2010/11/15/Rachel_Sussman_The_Worlds_Oldest_Living_Organisms

Photographer Rachel Sussman presents an image of what is most likely the oldest living thing on planet Earth: a specimen of actinobacteria, found in Siberian permafrost. The bacteria are about 500,0... Read More

Can Predatory Bacteria Succeed Where Antibiotics Fail?

There are predators in the bacterial world that consume other bacteria, much as predators attack prey in the animal world. A team led by researchers at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Dental School suggests that some of these predator microbes might be put to wo... Read More

Software for Programmable Microbes (video)

Researchers at University of California, San Francisco is creating a software programmable microbes.

Genetically modified microbes could perform many useful jobs, from making biofuels and drugs, to cleaning up toxic waste. But designing the complex biochemical pathways inside such microbes is... Read More

CU scientists advance research of lethal Listeria

Listeria is an opportunistic pathogen that causes brain infection, blood poisoning, abortion and death for about 250 Americans and a number of farm animals each year. But while its harmful strains can be more lethal than Salmonella, it exists in benign species and strains as well.

By finding ... Read More
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