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Microbes After Hours


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Crowdsourced Microbes Heading to Station


ASM House 200X200

MTS10 - Anthony Maurelli - Black Holes and Antivirulence Genes

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MTS009 - Stanley Falkow - 21st Century Microbe Hunter

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Sobre Gary Toranzos

hpim1606 Read More

MTS008 - Rachel Whitaker - The Evolution of Sulfolobus

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MTS007 - Anthony Fauci - Managing Infectious Disease on a Global Scale

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About Dickson D. Despommier, Ph.D.

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About Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D.

Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D. Read More

MTS006 - Bruce Rittmann - Microbes, Waste and Renewable Energy

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MTS005 - Brett Finlay - E.coli and the Human Gut

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MTS004 - David Relman - The Human Microbiome

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MTS003 - Ute Hentschel - Symbiotic Sea Sponges

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MTS002 - Seth Darst - RNA polymerase

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Borrelia Species

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MTS001 - Ralph Tanner - The Future of Biofuels

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Germ Proof Your Kids (MWV26)


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Bacteria Lab (MWV25)


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Iconography of Contagion (MWV24)


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Repair DNA

Developing tricks and tools to keep their enzymes in order is one way thermophiles survive. They also use techniques to keep their DNA from falling apart under intense heat. Like proteins, the parts of the long, spiral ladder-shaped DNA molecule start to unravel and break apart under high hea... Read More

Types of Microbes

Microbes can be divided into six main types: Archaea, Read More

Virus or Bacterium?

cellwall Read More

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