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Stepping Up Exercise Could Help Beat The Cold Virus

There's always somebody passing around a cold virus — whether it's a stranger who sneezes in the elevator or a sick colleague who lends out a pen covered in germs. But not everyone who gets exposed to a common-cold virus goes on to get sick.

"Think about a household when one person gets sick,... Read More

Pandemic H1N1 Flu Hit Kids Hard in 2009

Among children hospitalized with the pandemic H1N1 flu last year in California, more than one-fourth ended up in intensive care units or died, California Department of Public Health researchers report.

"While hospitalization for 2009 H1N1 influenza in children appeared to occur at similar rat... Read More

Infection control

Leader of nation’s AIDS research effort laments complacency about the disease:

Q. You’re a 1962 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, and your career as a physician, researcher, and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been shaped by the emergence of ... Read More

Stranded California sea lions may pose serious health risk

A sharp increase in the number of sick and dead California sea lions has been reported along the Oregon coast in recent weeks, and necropsies conducted on dozens of the animals suggest that many may have died from leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease found in a variety of anima... Read More

Haiti cholera deaths over 500

A cholera outbreak in Haiti has killed more than 500 people, the World Health Organization said Sunday.

More than 7,000 people have fallen ill with the waterborne disease in a country now cleaning up from flooding brought on by Hurricane Tomas last week.

The storm hit parts of western Hait... Read More

Potential New Virus in Switchgrass Discovered

University of Illinois researchers have confirmed the first report of a potential new virus belonging to the genus Marafivirus in switchgrass, a biomass crop being evaluated for commercial cellulosic ethanol production.

The virus is associated with mosaic and yellow streak symptoms on switchg... Read More

U.S. food unregulated, illness unreported

A plate of food may come from many countries and is handled many times, increasing the risk of germs that can make people sick, U.S. microbiologists say.

Members of the American Academy of Microbiology issued a report, "Global Food Safety: Keeping Food Safe from Farm to Table," detailing how ... Read More

Virus threatens 50 million livestock in Africa: UN

A deadly virus that broke out in Tanzania earlier this year could expand across southern Africa and threaten more than 50 million sheep and goats in 15 countries, the UN's food agency warned on Tuesday.

The Small Ruminants Plague virus, or PPR under its French acronym, is "considered as the m... Read More

Unexpectedly Small Effects Of Mutations In Bacteria Bring New Perspectives

Most mutations in the genes of the Salmonella bacterium have a surprisingly small negative impact on bacterial fitness. And this is the case regardless whether they lead to changes in the bacterial proteins or not. This is shown by Uppsala University scientists in an article being published toda... Read More

Brazil worried as more superbug infections emerge

The spread of an antibiotic-resistant superbug in Brazil was worrying officials, as new cases emerged Saturday following the recent deaths of at least 18 people.

Three patients in the northern state of Pernambuco were in stable condition in intensive care suffering Klebsiella pneumoniae Carba... Read More

Hospitals Slow to Adopt Infection Prevention Program

Doctors insert into patients what is called a central line, which can be used to administer vital medications while monitoring various critical elements within the heart and blood.

But a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate shows that 250,000 patients with central lines contrac... Read More

TWiV 106: Making viral DNA II

Unable to embed Rapid1Pixelout audio player. Please double check that:  1)You have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.  2)This web page does not have any fatal Javascript errors.  3)The audio-player.js file of Rapid1Pixelout has been included.

On episode #106 of the podcast This Week in Virology, Vincent, Dickson, and Rich continue Virology 101 with a second installment of their discussion of how viruses with DNA genomes replicate their g... Read More

TWiV 106 Letters

Christina writes:

Hi TWiV guys,

I am currently attending Florida Gulf Coast University as a biology major. I am taking molecular genetics and a virology course. I have learned that, in a eukaryotic system, histones are bound to DNA through a force attraction b... Read More

Dengue fever at epidemic levels in Puerto Rico

When champion surfer Andy Irons was found dead in a Dallas hotel room this week, family members said they suspected he had dengue fever — a virus transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical countries.

Irons had been in Puerto Rico to compete in a surfing contest, but bailed out early because he was... Read More

New clues found to symptom-free HIV

There's still no vaccine for HIV, but researchers have made inroads in discovering new clues to why a minority of infected people can carry the virus without symptoms.

Only about one in 300 people infected appear to have an immune system that can naturally suppress the virus's replication, an... Read More

Scientists 'Watch' Formation of Cells' Protein Factories, Ribosomes, for First Time

A team from The Scripps Research Institute has revealed the first-ever pictures of the formation of cells' "protein factories." In addition to being a major technical feat on its own, the work could open new pathways for development of antibiotics and treatments for diseases tied to errors in ri... Read More

Bacteria Gauge Cold With Molecular Measuring Stick

Some bacteria react to the cold by subtly changing the chemistry of their outer wall so that it remains pliable as temperatures drop. Scientists identified a key protein in this response mechanism a few years ago, but the question of how bacteria sense cold in the first place remained a mystery.... Read More

Discovery shows promise against severe side effect of chemo drug

A way to eliminate a debilitating side effect associated with one of the main chemotherapy drugs used for treating colon cancer has been found by a team of scientists.

The strategy used in their preclinical research-inhibiting an enzyme in bacteria of the digestive tract-could allow patients ... Read More

Antibiotics Research Subsidies Weighed by U.S.

Worried about an impending public health crisis, government officials are considering offering financial incentives to the pharmaceutical industry, like tax breaks and patent extensions, to spur the development of vitally needed antibiotics.

While the proposals are still nascent, they have t... Read More

Unexpectedly small effects of mutations in bacteria bring new perspectives

Most mutations in the genes of the Salmonella bacterium have a surprisingly small negative impact on bacterial fitness. And this is the case regardless whether they lead to changes in the bacterial proteins or not. This is shown by Uppsala University scientists in an article being published toda... Read More
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