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About Dickson D. Despommier, Ph.D.

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About Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D.

Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D. Read More

MTS006 - Bruce Rittmann - Microbes, Waste and Renewable Energy

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MTS005 - Brett Finlay - E.coli and the Human Gut

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MTS004 - David Relman - The Human Microbiome

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MTS003 - Ute Hentschel - Symbiotic Sea Sponges

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MTS002 - Seth Darst - RNA polymerase

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Borrelia Species

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MTS001 - Ralph Tanner - The Future of Biofuels

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Germ Proof Your Kids (MWV26)


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Bacteria Lab (MWV25)


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Iconography of Contagion (MWV24)


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Repair DNA

Developing tricks and tools to keep their enzymes in order is one way thermophiles survive. They also use techniques to keep their DNA from falling apart under intense heat. Like proteins, the parts of the long, spiral ladder-shaped DNA molecule start to unravel and break apart under high hea... Read More

Types of Microbes

Microbes can be divided into six main types: Archaea, Read More

Virus or Bacterium?

cellwall Read More

Deadly infection virtually unheard of

It's an infection so severe it can kill and doctors say it's on the rise. So why haven't most of us ever heard of it? Diane Henry takes care of other people. But for weeks last year, she could barely do anything. "Started experiencing severe stomach pain, but ignored it," said Henry. Read More

About RSS

rssRSS stands for really simple syndication. It's an acronym encompassing various data formats (xml, atom, rss, rdf) used for providing users with frequently updated content. RSS also allows... Read More

Green Algae

The most clearly plant-like algae, this species gets its namesake hue from high levels of chlorophyll.

Their cell walls are made up of cellulose, the same material that makes up the cell walls in larger, multicellular plants. Like plants, they store the food they make through photosyn... Read More


Algae also play an important role as the foundation for the aquatic food chain. All higher aquatic life forms depend either directly or indirectly on microscopic gardens of algae.

Most unicellular algae live in water, some dwell in moist soil, and others join ... Read More


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